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The ancient city of Ephesus, together with the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is Turkey’s most visited museum. The Ephesus Travel Blog is basically designed to promote the ancient city of Ephesus and its surroundings.

However, given the size of the Greco-Roman heritage in Anatolia, it is not enough to be limited to Ephesus. So I’ll try to introduce you to all the cities on the western coast of Turkey. Because there are many places that will interest you from Troy in Canakkale to Hierapolis in Pamukkale and Aspendos in Antalya.

In Ephesus travel blog, you can find information about museums in Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. You can find travel advice about popular holiday cities like Bodrum, Kusadasi, Fethiye, Marmaris, Antalya. The best hotels to stay in these cities and the best restaurants to eat will be reviewed.

Ephesus Ancient City

ephesus travel blog
Ephesus Ancient City

What to Read in Ephesus Travel Blog?

Table of Contents

  • History of Ephesus
  • Ephesus Entrance Fee
  • Ephesus Opening Hours

A Brief History of Ephesus Ancient City

The ancient city of Ephesus is the best preserved Greco-Roman monument in the Eastern Mediterranean. For this reason, Ephesus’s reputation has spread all over the world. As you walk through the streets of the Ephesus, it is possible to imagine how the people of ancient times lived.

The Ephesus Ancient City stands out with two world-famous structures. One of them is the Temple of Artemis, dating back to 550 BC, and the other is the Library of Celsus.

Ephesus became one of the leading cultural and philosophical centers of the region during the Greek city-states and at the same time enriched as a busy commercial port.

Ephesus was ruled by Lydians, Persians, Alexander the Great and Romans throughout history. It was the golden years when Ephesus was the capital of the Asian region of the Roman Empire.

Ephesus Museum Entrance Fee

Admission fee is 72 Turkish Lira per person. It is recommended to visit Ephesus Ancient City with a Museum Pass. Museum Pass the Aegean and 15 Days Turkey Pass are valid for entering the Ephesus for free.

Ephesus Museum Opening Hours

Ephesus is open to visit from 09:00 to 19:00 in the summer season. High season starts with the 1st of April and lasts until 31st of October. Ephesus is open to visit from 09:00 to 17:00 in the winter season. Low season starts with the 1st of November and lasts until 31st of March.

Please also note that Ephesus ticket offices are closed 60 minutes prior to closing time. Last entry time is 18:00 in the summer season and 16:00 in the winter season.

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